Night Call Lyon

Les fleurs du Mâle

With the colorful pixel and the massive wisdom, let me undress you in my Lyon's fantasized nights

The series are exhibited in Paris.
From June 15 to August 31, 2019.
In Concorde Art Gallery.

The series were exhibited in Arles.
from 04 to 12 May 2019.
In The European Festival of nude photography.

These nights has just appeared, in the most beautiful book. Read this and I ... undress you once again .

models & artists
Le Passage des désirs
Nocturnal strolls

For over five years, the photographer Pierre Sage has been staging fantasized scenes to shed light on some of Lyon’s most beautiful nightlife establishments. 

Free and uninhibited, the City of Lights awakens in voluptuous pleasure, with velvet spotlights on its meeting places and codified forms of seduction.

Bars, clubs & restaurants

A series of photographs which began in 2013 with the desire to orchestrate an imaginary world in which enlightened temptation mingles with sensualized aesthetics.

An itinerary of pictures meticulously crafted in the communicative synergy of talent and photographic genius, over years of perseverance, connection and passion.

Le premier jour du reste de ma vie
L'Effet Papillon
Illusions of desires

A whirlwind choreography of lights, impressions and foreplay, where eyes meet, bodies attract and desires come to life. 

The woman, an object of lustful desire, leads this dance of intoxicating fragrances of sensuality. In these vivid nights of inebriation, hearts brush upon each other at every single moment…

The series
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