Night Call Lyon

Les fleurs du Mâle

It is a route of visual paintings with cosy decorations, a pause on the images which are carefully refined by the setting of nights in Lyon. The artist exposes a fantasized imagination where the enlightened pleasure is combined with a sensual aestheticism. The image should be read. If it delivers in range of glances and sensual intimist, it delivers itself in an emotional way.

Prints emerging from a single stroke, creativity born of a single identity – that of the unique art of Pierre SAGE.

© Written by Inna Bordable, translated by Joseph Felix.

Za zdarovié
  • The clock strikes midnight, in the thick of those blue hours lost between night and day, the Beauty of Light awakens in bloom. In awakened clarity, the artist tells us a story. In the hush of an alcove, Chronos takes pause. Eros whispers pleasures of innuendo, of tactile desires and confused stirrings.

    Under the limelight – the spectator behind closed doors – the voyage of the senses begins. In the spotlight, woman is man’s wicked flower. Celebrated in echoes at every turn, she is sublimated, courted, coveted.

    The artist weaves his erotic light and hisses language in which desire behind the scenes is movement. In these meticulously orchestrated auras, shades of color tremble, emotions take shape in the half-whispered dizziness of codified seduction. The enlightened unspeakable wafts over these anchorage points, gently stroked by showy voluptuousness. Through the expressions of emotion captured, light invokes the unspoken.

    In these visual prints, nothing is truly set. Voluptuousness is the narration of eroticism and calls for awakened hallucination. At times tenebrous, bewitching or audacious, light envelops faces and sculpts bodies with flamboyant charm.

    The spectator is free to be a voyeur, to dare to imagine what came before, what is left hanging and what is to come, and all the field of possibilities. In these streams of embrightened twilight, bodies radiate and shades tremble. The symbols of secrets reveal themselves at long last.

    Then, in the fragrances of these shrines, one hears fabric rustling, hearts beating, the glimmer of emotions and fire burning in eyes peeping over a shoulder.

    Between art and technique, Pierre Sage is the director of a spectacle radiating with intense and luminous emotions. Between light and shadow, let yourself be drawn into the sensuous universe of this fantasized nightlife. Let his be light!

    © Written by Inna Bordable, translated by Joseph Felix.

The series
Un amour paradoxal